The Screaming Blobs
Creative Programming & Event Campaign
Inspired by the work of David Li, this hypothetical event would focus on creating 2d characters that an attendee could control the stretch of their bodies and loudness of their screams. Each blob character conveys a different type of scream: happy, sad, laughing out loud, etc. For each scream in use, little blurbs of text show up informing the user on why that emotion is good for a person’s overall health.
The installation is activated by the choosing of a blob character and standing in front of the screen. Start moving your wrists apart arm’s length and bringing them back close together, the blob will stretch, and scream based of the positioning of your wrists. The prototype of the activity is documented in a video, and anyone can use the blobs in this web version for desktop.​​​​​​​
This event would be promoted by various posters and social media illustrating
the blobs in comedic situations and informational blurbs. 
The event itself would be held in a large warehouse where people can use the
interactive installation on a large screen.

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